Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What’s Your 10 Moment?

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With rugby sevens now an Olympic sport, the game is growing rapidly in the US. In New York City, Play Rugby USA organises an annual Rugby Cup and it is going from strength to strength. They have a saying that drives how they operate: ‘What’s your 10 moment?’ And it has nothing to do with Dan Carter. It’s about hitting the impact zone. A 10 moment is when you see a real result from the effort you’ve put in.

For the Play Rugby USA team, it’s seeing kids picking up lessons in teamwork, getting pumped up about nutrition and nailing their events. It’s applicable to anyone, in any role. A 10 moment for me is seeing people be inspired and excited about what lies ahead. What’s yours?


Simon Bell said...

I was thinking about your blog this morning Kevin and wondering what my 10 moment could be.

Then I went to my little office and downloaded my emails.

One was from another creative/marketing individual asking if I could look at doing some work for their business. The business is moving to a new premises and this person wants the business to ‘really POP and have impact’ in the new place.

I thought this person is like me and sounds excited, which made me feel excited about the potential of doing some work together. Right in that moment there, the excitement I felt in that very moment - working with another like minded person, that’s my 9 moment.

Pulling it all off and making it ‘really POP’, that’s my 10 moment.

Media Messiah said...

Tom Cruise looks like he's permanently having a 10 moment.