Wednesday, June 4, 2014

World Business Forum Sydney 4: Finding a new way to live with technology

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Randi Zuckerberg is former Director of Marketing of Facebook is founder/CEO of RtoZ Media, a company that proposes new platforms to help businesses be more social.

Top 10 developments in technology, entrepreneurship and business happening globally

1. Enter the Entre-Ployee. Elements of working for a start-up and a corporation in one job.

2. Think like a media company. Engaging customers and clients through creating content.

3. Connections are currency. Benefits to those who have a lot of followers on social media.

4. Reinventing retail. Pop-up stores, subway stations, vending machines selling handbags.

5. Turn FOMO into JOMO. The “joy of missing out” – be grateful and happy where you are.

6. The maker movement. 3D printing is poised to become a huge business.

7. Life-logging. People are constantly documenting their lives.

8. Education the new frontier. Online courses close the skills gaps.

9. Gamification for motivation. Apps make a game out of motivating us.

10. Unplug to Refresh. Digital detoxes are gaining momentum. Hand over your gadgets!

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Media Messiah said...

All the points here lead up to the final one IMHO. That this constant, accelerating, noisy and ceaseless quest for progress is making people burn out, and some want to unplug all together. I'm not some old bloke complaining that things aren't like they were in the good old days, but if more and more technology actually starts lowering your quality of life, sooner or later, people want less. (Oh, and it must be tricky making a name for yourself when you're Mark Zuckerberg's sister!)