Monday, June 9, 2014

A Great Way To Fly

Singapore Airlines’ iconic tagline “A great way to fly” was manifest on a recent flight I had with them from London to Singapore. I received this card from the crew, thanking me for ‘believing’ in them. As someone who spends a serious amount of time riding the steel bird, receiving that intimate touch makes a big difference. Was I the only person on the flight to receive such a card? Unlikely, but the personal gesture counts. And really, I should have been thanking them. The pleasure was mine.


Sharon Simms said...

Recently I had surgery at St Anthony's Hospital and spent an overnight. It was such a pleasure to receive a Thank You and Get Well cars that was signed (with brief notes) by people in several departments who had interacted with me.

Media Messiah said...

A nice gesture! Not being cynical, but you weren't flying economy class were you? If this sort of gesture extends right through the plane and embraces every passenger -- even the ones making up the numbers in the cheap seats --- then they really have brought a nice human touch to the experience.