Thursday, May 22, 2014

Good Advice from Bad People

Image source: Amazon

How can you walk away from a book with a title like Good Advice from Bad People: Selected Wisdom from Murderers, Stock Swindlers, and Lance Armstrong? The title is so contradictory that it perplexes the mind and triggers curiosity. What beneficial advice could one possibly take from O.J. Simpson? We have been trained to only take advice from ‘good’ successful people that to do the contrary seems downright scandalous.

They say that “nobody’s perfect” and the characters in Zac Bissonnette’s new book fit the bill. These are stories of some of the most infamous CEOs, heroes and tycoons who have fallen from grace. People who were talking the big game – and lying and making bad decisions. Some criminal.

There are some gems. Once you get your head around the contradictions between the “talk” and the “walk”, you’ll be intrigued by the wisdom and insight delivered by some of the most well-known and newsworthy individuals of our time. If only they followed their own advice.


robind said...

Our obsessive curiosity with bad people or bad examples (think of gossip) seems akin to the inability to turn away from a disastrous accident - something about ourselves projected, our anxiety over our mortality is drawn towards the flaws, the tragic, the macabre. There is learning here for the self-aware yet seldom is a 'lesson' applied to oneself. Best practices are buzz words at best (and found on a dusty self). Our greatest phoebe is that of self awareness. Our avoidance makes for wonderful advice giving (apart from over the fence, consider the growth of the management consulting industry as you describe in your previous post).You've said strategy is execution. What could be more simple and direct?! Just the execution - doing. To paraphrase, be it a good or bad example, the value is in acting.

Media Messiah said...

This is a brilliant idea! I've always thought, given the alternative bewteen a meeting with Hitler and meeting with Churchill, I'd go for Hitler every time. There's just something about what makes evil people tick that I find fascinating. There was this one guy I worked with who everyone -- and I mean everyone -- detested. Even the guy who hired him couldn't remember why. But I remain good mates with him. I just wanted to understand why everyone took such a dislike to him. I know exactly why, but I can see past that and strangely like him all the more for the fact no one else does!