Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A World of Difference

Image Source: argentinaindependent.com

There are remarkable differences in the world’s countries. A quick way to get your head around the variation is with the creative and colorful use of maps.

Maps can answer all kind of questions in a glance:
  • Where are people the smartest?
  • What’s that country’s flag?
  • Who gets good paid paternity leave?
  • How does population density differ?
  • Where are foreigners welcome – and not?
  • Where is freedom of the press good and bad?
  • Where is there a lot of or little green vegetation?  
  • Who drank all the coffee?
  • Where’s that country again?
Find the answers here, and click the maps for a closer look.

1 comment:

Media Messiah said...

So judging by those maps, do we Brits have a high IQ because our mums get longer maternity leave? It seems our free press has no effect on IQ, if the Chinese are anything to go by. Or perhaps all that coffee we drink cancels out the benefits?