Tuesday, March 25, 2014

In Bed With Boll and Branch

Can one love their bedsheets? I must say that it is possible now that I have laid my head on Boll and Branch. It was an instant connection. Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy rolled into one. My new Lovemark created an enlightened moment, a new sensation that made me think “why have I not felt this before?”

For me, the appeal of Boll and Branch is not just the feel of the sheets, but their caring for the people who make them. In a market where the conscious consumer is starting to make headlines, Boll and Branch are leading the way for bedroom textiles that are environmentally and socially friendly, spreading awareness and telling a story while they do it. They use fair-trade, organic cotton, and are transparent about suppliers and production.

If you’re interested in trying their products, you won’t find Boll and Branch in a store. This top brand keeps costs down by selling through e-commerce only, so you’ll have to check out their website. A Lovemark that makes sustainability irresistible.


Anonymous said...

Kevin, I ironically discovered this company in the WSJ and now seeing you covering them only cements my opinion of them.

I ordered a set of sheets and a throw. To say that I'm over the moon would be an understatement. You either find charitable products that are of questionable quality (Toms) or amazing products that don't do enough for society. This company does both.

I wish they were public, I'd buy stock!

Media Messiah said...

I see someone has commented on this saying "I wish they were public, I'd buy stock". We Brits don't buy stock in anything like the same way the Yanks do. They're obsessed with share prices like we seem to be obsessed with the weather. Perhaps that's another good sign of a Lovemark: not just wanting to consume the brand's products/services, but to have a stake in the company itself.