Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How Culture Influences Sleep

A good night’s sleep is the crown of any hotel, and any place that invests in improving the experience is putting a spotlight on what really matters. The Fours Seasons recently commissioned a study undertaken by Ipsos of guests’ preferences, looking not only at how they like their beds, but their night time routines, and what they like on their bedside tables. The survey was revealing not only because 92% of guests have a preference over bed firmness, but because it was able to unveil some of the different bedtime rituals of people by culture.

Chinese and Russian guests had a preference for taking a shower or bath before bed, while American’s were more likely, perhaps unsurprisingly, to watch TV before turning in. The majority of Britons were likely to get ready for bed by curling up with a book. Though it’s not so cut and dry, British women were more likely to read a book vs British men who were more likely to watch TV, and Russian women were more likely to take a soak in a tub compared with Russian men who were more likely, you guessed it, to watch TV.

Unsurprisingly, 56% say that an outlet for charging devices is the most important thing to have on/near their bedside table. And, interestingly, the one thing that most respondents (72%) had in common was that even when at a hotel, they were likely to sleep on the same side of the bed as they did when at home.

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Media Messiah said...

Not only does a survey let you understand your consumer better, it's a great PR device in its own right. One is for ever reading in the papers about the results of a survey, commissioned by [insert brand]. Regarding the side of bed you sleep on, I was told that males should sleep "sword side" (i.e. on the right-hand side when you're lying in it). This means a right-handed male can grab his sword from under the bed and protect her ladyship, should there be an intruder in the night.