Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Lovemark

Lovemarks was designed as an open-source idea, and a current expression is The Lovemark an international collaborative project to build a physical architectural structure to signify the power of love. Built piece by piece out of small cubes blocks that each tell a story. Crowd-funded, anyone can be involved. As of now, the project is off the ground and blocks are ready to be bought and inscribed. No one knows where it will end up. That’s part of the mystery. The intrigue. It will be decided by its contributors. The physical specimen is going to be something to behold. I’m excited to see this vision delivered.

1 comment:

Media Messiah said...

Hmm. I can see why you'd make a case for turning a brand into a Lovemark, but I'm not entirely sure how that idea translates into a physical structure. But as you know, I have a problem with the word "Love" in general.