Thursday, December 19, 2013

Be Grateful, Be Good

There are many things that make us human. Compassion, grace, love. The ability to forgive. Another I hadn’t really given much thought to, until I read this article, is gratitude. As the author says, Thanksgiving in America lends itself to taking stock of the good in our lives. Other countries and cultures reflect at different times of the year – whether that’s Christmas or New Year. The point is, ultimately gratitude is a powerful force for good. It’s how friendships are maintained and love blossoms, because gratitude is an act of selflessness. It’s an emotion we then feel compelled to pay forward and society at large benefits.

I was struck by the simplicity of this notion, but also the complexity of how gratitude, or a lack thereof, is reflected in modern society. We live in a screen age where everyone is constantly on the go. Gratitude is often an after-thought, if a thought at all. For a lot of people, the stronger emotion is a sense of entitlement. That someone else must help them because they’re so busy. Others see good deeds imparted on them as a burden, favors they are now obligated to pay back.

But if we all just took a moment to slow down and recognize what we’re grateful for and who we’re grateful too, we can understand that being grateful is integral to the fabric of our society. It keeps us in tune with each other. It makes us better people and the world a kinder place.


Robin D said...

Kevin, While you say gratitude is something you hadn't given much thought to, it is very present theme in KRC- gratitude threads through your posts, sometimes directly (Well Words), most times subtlety (This Could Be Us). We do have much to be grateful for including as you put it, the simple notion of gratitude itself. It is essential to connecting us to that something that is greater than ourselves that we are part of. Gratitude is a wonderful feeling and state of grace - which you consistently encourage. And I am grateful you do.

Rebecca Hollis said...

Being grateful is the route to happiness. changing the way you think about the world and your daily life however big or small is a game changer and you become emotionally richer.

You have a wonderful blog here Kevin, thank you for sharing!

Becky - Saatchi London