Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Changing Nature of Luxury

It seems you only have to have your eyes closed for a moment before every trend has changed and, unlike fashion, most industries don’t have twice yearly parades to spell it out to us. However, luxury sectors of industries have always been a beacon of where trends are heading, providing inspiration while showcasing some of the best in intimacy, sensuality and mystery. Here are a few of the trends popping up in the luxury scene.
  • Proving unique experiences: A new class of luxury based on unique achievement, craftsmanship, focus, history and rarity. Such as, Hermes Le Flaneur, a $11,000 bicycle, or Prada and Damien Hirst set up a juice bar in the desert north of Doha, Qatar.

  • Getting personal: Saks Fifth Avenue is providing consumers stylistic control with an app that enables users to put together outfits based on their body types.

  • Leveraging history: Looking at the past to provide brands with depth and authenticity. Van Cleef & Arpels promote the reopening of their Manhattan flagship with “8-Seconds of Luck”, a microsite that educates consumers on the jeweler’s history of luck.

  • Return to Tangibles: In a digital world, beautifully designed offerings attract attention away from screens. Take for example Zaha Hadid and Karim Rashid commission to design bottles for Leo Hillinger and Anestasia Vodka.

  • Getting sisomo: Giving sight, sound and motion a touch of luxury on the big and small screen. Recently, Gucci teamed up with Martin Scorsese’s The Film Foundation to restore “Rebel Without a Cause.”

  • Giving back: Integrating the soul and spirit of the local community is becoming second nature to luxury brands. Ralph Lauren shows commitment to restoring the historic Paris arts school École des Beaux-Arts by staging its first runway show outside the United States at the venue, Fendi is helping to restore Italian fountains.