Thursday, November 7, 2013

All Saints

Whenever I am in Rome over a weekend I attend the 10:30am Sung Eucharist at All Saints Church. The Chaplain is Jonathan Boardman, a graduate of Magdalene College, Cambridge, where I had dined with current Magdalene Master and ex Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, only two weeks ago.

The service this Sunday was read by Reverend Mary Styles and it was about the letters St. Paul addressed to the saints and the celebration of all of us as saints; the disciples, sinners, and common folk who try hard to live a Christian life and do the right thing. Those adept at seeking redemption are primary candidates for Sainthood.

All Saints have a lovely little tradition each Sunday when they ask various visitors to the church to stand up and say where they are from. This allows an immediate joining together following the service when a glass of wine and a potluck lunch available is shared.

Rome is such a spiritual eternal city but coming together in this way is a very uplifting thing to do. I can recommend it to all who happen to be in Rome on a Sunday morning.

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Simon Bell said...

I was ever so pleased to read this Kevin.

On the first Lovemarks book the 'L' looks like a Christian symbol, was this intentional?

I help out quite a few charities and in addition to this I have also donated a lot of time to the local church - to help them advertise in a better way. It worked too.

Although when I started the project about 8 months ago I though I couldn't help them, numbers of folk attending church have gone up 150%.

I have to say out of all the things I have worked on so far, this was the most daunting; to start with I compared it in my head to trying to 'sell records to an iPod generation' due to the only a couple of people in the churches being under 35.

In truth it was never like that though it was really about communicating to the 35 and under age group in a way that understood the challenges that they face today.

So that's why as someone I look to for inspiration, I was pleased to read your blog again today.

If you ever get chance check out what my grandad has done in this area. His name is Rev Bob Spratt MBE you can Google him and stuff.

Have a good day Kevin :)