Thursday, August 15, 2013


Men’s magazine Port did a cover story for its summer issue on the future of print media, describing a new golden age of magazine publishing. It created some controversy featuring, as it did, six white male editors in suits on its black and white cover, from select publications, to represent its viewpoint.

The ideas covered included the magazine’s ongoing viability, designed nature, storytelling purpose, physicality, the multi-tasking of today’s editors, the need for consistency, and the impact of and relationship with screens.

As an old(ish) white male I don’t exactly diversify the equation but I do love print magazines and think they will live forever.

Magazines are eternal because no matter how many media channels arrive, people will always want great stories and as a lean-back format, the print magazine is a better storytelling format than most screens. As a medium, it’s incredibly visual, simple to use, super-relaxing, mysterious, portable, sharable, sensual and affordable.

The challenge for magazines, as with all media, is to tell stories that people care about; to become part of an unfolding narrative that connects across media and into lives in unique ways. Great stories command premiums and the magazines that succeed will be ideas factories assembling design, images and content in ways that people love.

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Lysanne Currie said...

Great piece Kevin and I totally agree. I was talking to Louise Court, Editor in Chief of Cosmo UK the other day about magazine brands. She said 'print is the beating heart of any magazine brand.' Very true. I also interviewed the legendary Felix Dennis last month who talked about 'ink on paper' magazines and the money still being made from them.