Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Outside Lands’ Journey to Lovemarks

It used to be associated with rock ‘n’ roll, but gone are the days of irresponsible abandon at music festivals. Nowadays, ticketholders to festivals like Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo are more likely to recycle their rubbish than litter the grounds. No empty cans strewn around, please. It’s all about being sustainable. If anyone is going to suffer a hangover from all that music, food, and festivities, it better not be the environment.

Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival in San Francisco is one event trying to raise the bar, and Nayelli Gonzalez from Saatchi & Saatchi S recently wrote about her experience of working with them at one of our Lovemarks Academies.

”Launched in 2008, Outside Lands attracts up to 60,000+ attendees a day. The numbers are fantastic, but that’s a lot of people at Golden Gate Park. To minimize the effect of thousands of footprints, Outside Lands uses recyclable energy, encourages people to cycle by providing a ‘bike valet’ service, and vendors food from local farms and producers. But in their eyes, that’s not enough. Outside Lands doesn’t just want to be an “eco-centric rock festival.” It wants to be a Lovemark. Through deepening their local roots, extending their partnerships, inspiring attendees to act now, and creating shared value, I’ll say that they are well on their way.”

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chrisMsimon Bracket Boys said...

It is gr8 seeing San Fran raise sustainable bar and for Nayelli + Lovemarks Academies showing initiative. Team Delta’s Celia Pavey would have told them they were stardust. Will main patron and Lovemarks’ contributor Charles Saatchi be pushing any of the Academies’ future initiatives to give back to the local and worldwide communities? I discovered a new healthy burger joint the other day where they have this great sustainable bottle top concept for a community donation programme. Every time a customer has one of their delicious health burgers, they give you the bottle top token and you throw it into a choice of multiple jars that gets counted every month and the burger joint donates $500. They tend to support the unsung heroes rather than the big charity groups who always seem to get the Advertising limelight. There was one to try and stamp out domestic violence and its threatening and intimidating horror for some communities. Brilliant initiative from a small little burger joint where not only were they the best burgers I have had since New York, except healthy; and the passion was not only in the grill, but also dedicated to doing good in the local community. Apparently, the beautiful and intelligent UK Celebrity Chef, Nigella Lawson adores their food and supports the way they give so much back to the community. Anyway Kevin, thank you for your post and I hope you and your Blog Systems or Editor can actually approve this response this time. CUL8R – chrisMsimon AEST 5 AM, 2013-06-18