Thursday, May 30, 2013

RIP Nessie

Since 1933, the Loch Ness Monster has been somewhat of a modern-day myth fuelled by anecdotal sightings and blurry photography. The legend has lived on due to general curiosity and people’s desire to believe in the incredible. Well, there has been some speculation recently over the fate of Nessie. Apparently it’s dead. It’s killer? The internet.

The death of a creature that may have never existed might not raise too many eyebrows around the world, but that misses the real point. Bit by bit, mystery is being sucked out of our lives. There isn’t a lot left that can’t be revealed by the click of a mouse. It’s not just that we like to know. Sometimes knowing too much takes the fun out of it. Even dating isn’t what it used to be. Youth don’t go in fresh and unschooled. They stalk each other on Facebook first.

When you know everything there is to know, there is nothing left to discover. We need to protect the mystery in our lives and in our brands. Mystery breeds desire and inspiration. It stokes our hopes and dreams. It emboldens our stories and creates legends. If Nessie is truly dead, I say it’s time to start rooting for Bigfoot.


Adrian Farina said...

Nicely said Kevin. This is so true... a world without mystery is a more boring world indeed. There is something in the quest for discovery; the mission, the effort to get there, the gradual revelation, and then the big reward. It puts to test your real interest, which then makes the discovery more valuable. Loved it. Always inspiring. Now I'll go root for Bigfot (should I start a hashtag maybe???). Cheers, Adrian F.

Anonymous said...

On a resent trip to Scotland I spent as a day driving round Lock Ness, the scenery around the Lock was spectacular and it has a amazing feeling of mystery about it. For a Loch that contains more freshwater than all the lakes in England and Wales combined and is deeper than the height of the London BT tower in some areas. Nessie may have not been spotted for many years, the Loch itself is a mystery which you can never experience on You Tube or the internet.