Monday, May 20, 2013

Hackers vs Programmers

I’ve often said that at Saatchi & Saatchi we prefer Outlaws to Sheriffs, Pirates to the Navy and Hackers to Programmers.

The Saatchi & Saatchi Creative Quorum in Singapore - five executive creative directors from the Asia Pacific who drive new creative thinking across the region - defined this for us.
  1. A hacker beats the system.
    A programmer maintains the system.

  2. A hacker is trying to get in.
    A programmer is trying to stop things getting in.

  3. A hacker does things because he believes in them.
    A programmer does what he is supposed to.

  4. A hacker changes the way things are.
    A programmer tries to keep the status quo.

  5. A hacker is agile.
    A programmer is a small cog in a big slow machine.

  6. A hacker has many points of attack.
    A programmer has one job.

  7. A hacker has to be fast.
    A programmer doesn’t.

  8. A hacker is self-reliant.
    A programmer relies on others.

  9. A hacker finds paths that don’t exist.
    A programmer guards the old ones that already do.

  10. A hacker is about being interesting.
    A programmer is about being perfect.


Mike Pilon said...

A hacker is on the wing and gets all the glory. A programmer is a second row and does all the hard work :)

Mike ex-second row :)

Anonymous said...

Based on these 10 points I think you will find the hacker is at Halfback (scrumhalf to some).
The Halfback works all over the field. Intimidated by nothing. Runs rings around 2nd rowers(Locks) when they present a gap to hack through and berates his own 2nd rowers when the quality of their work could be better. Multi-skilled and sees the big picture of the game. They see the strengths and weaknesses of the opposition close-up. And the Halfback is not afraid to stand up to authority (the referee) and offer advice with a cheeky grin.
Based on the 10 points I might be a hacker rugby coach.

chrisMsimon Bracket Boys said...

The best (and legal ones) are one of the same. If a user of any media system remembers the speed of data access, it was too slow. If the user remembers the way in which their search or entertainment was sorted, they were not understood. The best hacker programmers do not build machines, but they can make the machines look like they are creating dialogue. Emphasis will forever be on the user and the use. The best hacker programmers can describe modern technology in terms of what you want to achieve and throw tech specs of the manufacturer out the window. I wish I was one, because then I could trim my banner to the exact YouTube One setting. But didn't digital say banner advertising is dead? Anyway, let me share this amazing insight just sent to me called “6 Secrets to Better Networking at Conferences”. One of the secrets is “Go To the Conference” <^O^> (^-^)