Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Let’s Get Physical

Guess what’s making a comeback? Physical objects.

You spent the last decade digitizing your life and suddenly paper and plastic are back on the radar. Some bands are even selling limited edition cassette tapes of new albums. Cassette tapes! Who would have thought we would ever hear that word again. Savvy companies are capitalizing on the trend by offering to produce material copies of digital files. One of them, Postagram, allows you to send physical postcards printed from digital photos.

Why the move back to the material world? People miss the romance and sensory appeal of objects. Tactical objects hold memories, and for many, these things have personalities of their own. The smell of books, the design on the sleeve of a record, are now considered “romantic”, “nostalgic”, not old and musty. Digital is too easy to replicate, too easy to copy. You can send an electronic file to many but a hand illustration edition to few. There’s an emotional void that digital has created and it’s an opportunity for brands to create amazing connections with their consumers.


Simon Bell said...

I've been thinking along these lines but thought I was stupid, then when websites needed to look better like magazines, a physical object, in order for people to love them better I became a bit more comfortable with design. (I knew it had to come around to this because digital can be cold and needs love to help it to build long term relationships that mean anything.)

Linking between physical objects, so branded products and everyday human interaction has got me super thinking because of the link between this and positivity resonance and micro moments which love is based (Dr Barbara Fredrickson, author of Love 2.0) in addition to the link between para-social and interpersonal brand relationships (a question posed via Lovemarks Campus which I've already worked out as a primary and secondary thing with an invisible relationship).

I'm 110% sure this can be linked with Lovemarks (or is already linked to Lovemarks just not in my head at this moment in time) to further proof that Lovemarks work.

This is a kind of short version on things. I've missed stuff for fear of rambling on.

You've read Love 2.0, has this made you look at expanding on the depth of how Lovemarks, and how love works in Advertising and with brands Kevin? Has anyone else got thoughts on all this into one theory because I'm crazy enough to try and stubborn enough to keep at it until I succeed. Help.

Simon Bell said...

I worked it out at 6am this morning. After discovering one massive house full of ideas it turns out what I've actually discovered is a vast estate full of mind blowing ideas. This defiantly needs treating with a great deal of thought and care. I've got a massive amount of thinking to do now! Mostly this has all happened due to reading your stuff. Thanks for inspiring me Kevin and also for pointing out Love 2.0.