Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Quietly Creative

Want a radical suggestion for harnessing creative thinking? Immerse yourself in silence.

By allowing yourselves distraction free time to think, silence not only allows us time to introspect, but can help break down barriers to creativity.

While you can pay to engross yourself in silence, you can create your own silent retreat by turning off technology and finding a quite spot – whether in your house, in a park, or somewhere further afield. I head to Grasmere, a sleepy village in the heart of the English Lake District, when I really need to distract myself from the modern urban playground and regenerate my creative energies.

Take the time to find your own silent sanctuary. Your creative side will be happy you did.


Simon Bell said...

Made me smile this time. I go to Kendal to do exactly the same thing, it's the only place in the world where I can actually relax and reflect. In fact I was there just a few weeks ago. Wonderful corner of the world.

Kevin Roberts said...

Simon, And the ST put Kendal in its top 5 beautiful places to live last week… KR

Simon Bell said...

Wow that's so cool, what a great thing to happen for Kendal - I love that place, it's so beautiful and everyone is so friendly. It's also the place where I was born so hearing this makes me feel happy :)

Eric Snyder said...

Meditation... I have been practicing this for 20 minutes a day for the past 45 years.