Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Check In To Check Out

Mobile phones and tablets can be life savers but they can also be anchors that drag you down. You may be able to carry your desk in your pocket, but it also means that your work follows you everywhere. People need to unwind. They need to experience life! You need to get out and do things. Your eyes – and travel companions – will thank you.

In response to the realization that we are spending too much time staring at screens during our vacations, a number of hotels are offering guests the option to take a holiday from their gadgets. Call it a ‘Braincation’ or ‘digital detox’. Surrendering your mobile phone and tablet isn’t such a scary idea. The Lifehouse Country Spa Resort in Essex even has a “BlackBerry crèche” where your phone can take timeout.

Or if you just can’t bear others missing out on your holiday fun, then do like The Madison Hotel in Washington, D.C., and hand the responsibility over to a dedicated social media butler, who will tweet and post updates on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.