Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Our Bite-Sized Future

In its annual forward looking report, Euromonitor forecasts that we will see more bite-sized offerings in 2013. The concept isn’t new. People are already snacking on things like chocolate and philosophy. In smaller packages, price points are lower, attraction is higher, and sometimes you just want a taste, not a six course meal.

Here are some ways business should get small.
  • Shorter meetings. The recession created less time and less resource. People need to achieve more with less. The great thing is that meetings started to involve decision-makers and focused on what needed to get done. It should stay that way.

  • Small shops. Retail is going mini and finding homes in larger stores. They’re popping up in all sorts of spaces. If there’s room for the swipe of a credit card and a screen (make it interactive!), you’ve gone into business.

  • Snackable content. I like reading on planes. You can get through a novel and a magazine without interruption. On days when everything seems to be going gangbusters at once, knowing what I need to know through feeds and bite-sized summaries means I can read 4 papers, a dozen blogs and several memos just over breakfast.

  • Manage in minutes. Take 10 minutes a day to focus on the people who really matter to your business. What do they need? What have they been saying? Then take action or get out of their way.

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Lynette Chiang said...

Snackable sizing relates to society's increasing time poverty and uncertainty and thus reluctance to commit to anything large, long or lingering - because it all could change on a dime. This translates to shorter courses (the mini MBA!), shorter marriages, shorter LP's (the 99c single song purchase), smaller servings (witness the bulk bins at Wholefoods), shorter gym membership packages ... there is a desire to see the end, the sum total, at the outset.
Thanks Kevin, for alerting me to the shrinking world around me!