Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Leadership 2013

The Rev. Nicky Gumbel @nickygumbel, Vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton (the largest Anglican church in the UK), tweeted his take on leadership as his opening to 2013. This is a pin-the-on-the-wall-and-look-at-it-every-morning checklist.
  • L ove
  • E ncouragement
  • A uthenticity
  • D aring
  • E nthusiasm
  • R espect
  • S ervice
  • H ope
  • I ntegrity 
  • P erseverance
Ancient scripture wisdom repackaged for the modern age. The Rev. Nicky is known internationally for developing the Alpha Course – the most popular introduction to Christianity course in the world. He has been described as a natural leader – confident but self-effacing holiness.

New areas of leadership study – Servant Leadership and Authentic Leadership – emphasise a deep sense of morality in the leader, and a concern for the welfare of others that is greater than the desire to self promote. The leader is there to enable others to flourish.

Thanks to Chris Saunders, MBA Director at the Lancaster University Management School, for sending.


Paul Phillips said...

Hi Kevin,

I believe a great example of servant leadership is that of Ernest Shackleton and how he led his men to safety during their ill fated trip to Antarctica.

From how he made sure the most vulnerable men were kept near him to how he took the most destructive members of his team with him on a rescue attempt to ensure that he bore the brunt of their personalities and not the majority of his crew.

Anonymous said...

This is a treat and a nice Summary of substance which history dictates you do very well in the SK Blog. Pin it on the wall - a great visual absorption technique.

The greater reward is the Lone Ranger's Creed- #2,#4,#5,#7 and #8 are fulfilled by making the effort.

Hi Yo Silver away..........................