Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lance Armstrong: from Hero to Zero

Lance Armstrong has been banned from all competitive sport for his lifetime. Good. This is the least he deserves. Take up meditation, hiking, solo yachting, writing fiction. I say this as a sportsman, sports sponsor, and sports administrator.

The Sunday Times, which is seeking recompense for £1 million in libel damages they paid out to Armstrong after they made drug-taking allegations against him, said this two days ago: “Lance Armstrong is probably the most egregious drugs cheat in the history of sport. He cheated his way to an unprecedented seven victories in the Tour de France and countless other championships. He bullied his team-mates and the cycling establishment into keeping quiet or turning a blind eye.” And he’s ruined countless people’s lives and reputations. He only cares about Lance.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I watched the two interviews with Oprah. It was very sad to see how far sports in general have sunk. When I was growing up in Montreal we would go to a local outdoor rink, play pick up hockey and a few of the better players would play on a town team in vadious age catergories. No parental interference. Now kids are under the gun at 6 eyars old to "perform" so winning is the nw Black. Now it has risen to a high level and Lance is just a flag bearer. I was a fan but sadly he is now in the wash. Too bad . I still cycle but not quite at his level...maybe I should...nah forget that :) Mike Pilon in Ottawa on