Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Shimon Peres On Dreams

Yesterday I quoted Shimon Peres, President of Israel, on the power of Ideas to cause Revolution. Today he speaks about dreams – and sticking to them.

Shimon Peres: The mind of a leader must be free—a mind that can dream and imagine. All new things were born in dreams. A leader must have the courage to be a nonconformist, just like a scientist. He must dream, even if he dreams alone or if people laugh at him. He must not let his heart falter. (McKinsey Quarterly)


Tsvetan said...

You may have the strongest army—but it cannot conquer ideas, it cannot conquer knowledge. Peres

I love that quote!

Bob Daley said...

Brilliant, if only there were more people who believed in this thought process the world would be a exciting place if some what chaotic at times, but life would be full of great challenges rather than just tasks to do.

Great teams & Individuals inspire millions to follow and believe in them.

If you stand for something you will fall for nothing.