Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Be Cool

What makes something ‘cool’? When I was working for Mary Quant in the 1970s, cool was hot pants, shag carpets and waterbeds; now its food trucks, craft beer and pop-up stores. With every generation what’s cool get redefined, but do the characteristics of cool stay fundamentally the same throughout the years? This is a question that Ilan Dar-Nimrod and Ian Hansen asked when they were students at the University of British Columbia. More specifically, Dar-Nimrod thought Steve Buscemi was cool and Hansen just couldn’t see it. This conversation led them to conduct a study on perceptions of ‘cool’. What’s interesting from their findings is that ‘cool’ has moved from a counter-culture symbolized by icons like James Dean, to traits of being personally competent, successful and pro-social. What we at Saatchi & Saatchi call being True Blue.


Pylon said...
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Michael Kieloch said...

I think what we've got are more superficial, transient "cool things" (like shag carpets of the 1970s or Internet memes of today) as well as deeper, more lasting "cool" trends. Sports cars, Jazz, or a good suit have remained (with some fluctuation in popularity) relatively cool things persistently through at least several generations. "Timeless classics" as it were.