Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Send a Little Love

Traditional mail has lost its heart in recent years – e-cards replace posted cards, letters are now emails and postcards arrive infrequently at best. It seems that the mailbox is mainly there to gather bills, rather than the messages of affection from loved ones they once collected.

But the US Postal service is seeking to change this, bringing a little bit of love back into your mail with their series of 'Love' stamps. Each year since 1973 a new beautifully designed stamp is issued with the intention of it being used to send mail to friends and family when you want to express a little love.

The most recent stamp in the series – entitled 'Garden of Love' - features flowers, birds, butterflies and a strawberry with vines intertwining each stamp. Designed by award-winning illustrator Jose Ortega, this series cleverly incorporates a heart into each design.

What better way to show your love this Valentine's Day than by putting pen to paper and posting your affections the traditional way? Be part of the revival of the postal service and help bring a little love back to the mailbox.

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Dominique Elliott said...

Losing the postal service may mean that we could lose one of our most beautiful forms of expression. Imagine the Letters to Milena in e-mail form... not quite the same, is it?

Here's a letter my granda wrote to my grandma:
"Ma chère Lily,
Aujourd'hui, 23 août 1956, je suis le plus heureux des hommes parce que vous m'aimez.
Quand vous ne m'aimez pas, je perds le monde, le soleil, le ciel, les fleurs, les livres."

My dearest Lily,
Today, August 23rd 1956, I am the happiest of men because you love me.
When you do not, I lose the world, the sun, the sky, the flowers and the books.