Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year's Rulin's

Woody Guthrie wrote an inspirational set of "New Year's Rulin's" which I wrote about on KR Connect in 2011.

Following Woody's lead and style, here's how I'm approaching 2012.

Get fit.
(Don't get injured.)
Help people.
Do what's right.
Be true.
Learn new stuff.
Write new book.
Dream good.
Live life slow.
Be happy.



HarkHollaHowl said...

Ha, these are so remarkably close to mine, you just managed to solidify them. I wrote a new years article as well says so much less with so many more words

Robin said...

KR, Like your list. Would say you have been living most (yours to know your base line). 'Live life slow' looks like a new one. Mine:
- Love M
- Chase sticks
- Write poems
- Check judgement
- Bike Croatia
- Give time
- Connect w/friends
- Thank stars
Perhaps we can compare notes come Aug.