Thursday, November 17, 2011

Come On Mate, Gimme A Hug

Here’s one to rattle the cage of True Blue Aussie Blokes who prefer a handshake to a hug. A study has found that Australian men who love a good hug are happier and healthier than those who don’t, and also tend to bank more. Australian men in households making over $100k per year are huge huggers. Their cobbers in households with incomes less than $30k are much less inclined to hug (and are probably miserable). And hugging seems to be catching on – 37% of the men surveyed enjoyed hugging and did it often, compared to just 29% who preferred to play it cool.

All of this pretty much leaves for dead the case for the laconic Aussie bloke who prefers to leave physical contact on the sportsfield. Plus imagine what a world of healthy hugging men with bigger bank balances would do for the global economy! Here’s the message to the holdouts: hugs = health and happiness. It’s time to embrace change, mate.


Phil McKinnon said...

I once hired some horses off a tough old Aussie farmer. When we returned with them we shook his hand to leave. I was last and to the annoyance of my English friend the farmer commented to me under his breath, "beaut handshake mate".

I guess if I had hugged him I'd still be buried under the gum trees where we stood.

Anonymous said...

Hugs in releasing oxytocin also result in feeling trust and empathy and influence morality. See TED video at