Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Yes In My Back Yard

The term ‘Not in My Back Yard’ or NIMBY has become almost ubiquitous in developing urban centers the world over. Perhaps it’s the extent to which we’ve experienced the NIMBY mentality that has given rise to YIMBY – a cause initially dedicated to the creation of sustainable housing.

YIMBY is now catching the world over, probably because saying YES to something is so much more liberating than just telling people what you don’t want.

YIMBY is about working together to create a shared voice that advocates for smarter, more efficient urban design. YIMBYs are on a mission to create urban environments that people want to live, work and play in.

YIMBYs want to create a positive voice in the urban design debate. They view urban development not as a problem but as an opportunity. If something is not right, rather than just shouting it down their view is to create and offer an alternative – their ideology is about creating constructive solutions.

YIMBYs like growth and the challenges that new urbanism presents. They also take the opportunity to welcome new neighbors into their community. Fundamentally, YIMBYs want to see architecture regain its lost role in the planning, design and creation of urban environments.

It’s a philosophy that is infectious, and offers a lot to learn from. Community meets constructive creativity and positive affirmation. Better cities anyone? Yes, yes, yes.

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Moses Robbins said...

Very relavent for CHCH Nz at the moment. I dream of a scaled down version of the "malls in suburbs" model, I want to say Yes to a city where each suburb has its own micro hub with boutique bakers, butchers, cafes, hardware stores, Effices and the like run by passionate locals who live doing what they love.

The accountants and lawyers and suits can say Yes to the abandon concrete malls and setup office amongst the factories and dreary industrial areas which just need a bit of a face lift (Technology Parks look like glorified prisons at the best of times), while the small innovative, creative companies doing really interesting things are agile enough to operate from home or the local Effice and can use the revolutionary Suburb Connector rail system when they need to all meet up for hugs, savories and foosball.

Through sustainable micro suburbs that nurture small business and a stronger sense of community, citizens - (NOT CONSUMERS) - but everyday citizens will thrive.

But where do they go to relax or party?
Good news, we've bowled the entire CBD to create a ground to 2nd floor only, cultural mecca full of the worlds best Fashion, Food, Music, Art, Sport and Entertainment...
Every roof top covered in lush foliage so from the air - even from space we really look like the garden city.

Yes, Yes, Yes!