Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Truly Pathetic

I am fuming.

England have announced they are going to wear a black change strip at the Rugby World Cup when there is a clash with their traditional white. Pathetic.

I also understand there is going to be some kind of Maori iconography on the Nike jersey, which I find shameful if true.

Already the English have included nine foreign born players in their squad and now the Red Rose is turning Black. What on earth does black have to do with England? The colors of the flag are red, white and blue.

Truly pathetic.

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celtman23 said...

just makes Englad look like 'wannabees'

flyingkumara said...

Pathetic indeed! So it goes on... they have no mana!

Andy Caughey said...

This shouldnt come as a surprise as it is reflective of the type of rugby England chose to play, unimaginative and against the style of rugby that the rest of the world choose to play.An early defeat will embarrass England and humble them as quickly as Australia losing to Samoa last weekend.
I dont recall the English wearing kilts at the Battle of Bannockburn and if they had they would know they couldn't wear this uniform with pride by being imposters. It will be hard to make that quick jersey change.oops!!

Eilish Bouchier said...

Maybe they are anticipating they will be in mourning at the end of the matches and want to be suitably attired :-) I'm Irish btw.
I completely agree with you it seems an ill considered choice.

James H said...

Well while I personally agree that it is ridiculous for England to have a black change strip I have to quote what Matt Dawson said the other day, a few seasons ago the All Blacks change strip was White, which is obviously the traditional English jersey colour and the english jersey was just purely white with no red for the majority of the 20th century, yet we are not kicking up a fuss. New Zealand can't claim complete ownership of a jersey colour, however I have to whole heartedly agree that the Maori symbols on the shirts are very wannabie esque and make me as an Englishman furious because our jersey should be a symbol of our culture and not a commercial insult to the great and proud Maori culture. Think Nike just don't understand Lovemarks, you should have a word with them Kevin.

Also Andy, if you had watched any England games since last June you would realise that we have completely run the Wallabies off the park in 2 of our last 3 encounters and we were the top try scorers in the 6 Nations. I suggest you youtube Chris Ashton.

dchisland said...

Hi all,
Agree an all black kit not great...but before you get too over the top - seen the All Black change kick......

I'll give you a clue - it is very white!!!!

Let's hope the games live up to all our expectations

Anonymous said...

English "colours are red, white and blue". Really? They are red and white - there is no blue in any English colours.

The blue is for Scotland - which is no more part of England than New Zealand.