Monday, July 18, 2011

Popping Up With Purpose

This is fresh, pulling together purpose and place to connect with consumers. Swedish retailer H&M reached out with a wash-up pop-up store at a popular Dutch beach a few weeks ago to support its partnership with WaterAid, a global charity devoted to improving water quality, sanitation and hygiene education in developing countries. A quarter of the proceeds from every item of beachwear sold at the store went to WaterAid. Sun, sand, swimwear when you need it most. And the feeling that you’re making a difference. Nice.


Nathan Raukawa said...

Kia ora Kevin Roberts,

memories often fade and fade and are stored in the backs of our mind to later rejuvenate. That is where i come in. I have worked with you once before as a high school student at clover park middle school, Nathan Raukawa - The student who wanted to be a vehicle refurbish-er. Turns out that dream was never to become reality, instead opting to become a adult learner later on in my life. currently residing in Hamilton, attending Waikato uni. I remember Whaea Ann or Mrs Milne went to great length to chat with you so i thought i would too. Seeing this title for this blog has given me thought to ask for advice through this way because this is the only way i knew how. I don't study marketing but i plan on studying it post grad. currently i study Tikanga Maori and its uniqueness to NZ, and its uniqueness to me. Marketing is your playing field and i have marketing skills but lack the marketing knowledge. Branding also a strong point to you and not to myself. I have ideas of how to and what to all i am missing is the "do". Long story short I have seen plenty of things develop over the past few years and watched branding and labeling in our society grow and grow. i feel like i could be apart of the growth and can do something to be proud of and keep it simple stupid branding NZ entity through. so what i am asking is could you send me some advice or tips. It would be much appreciated if you could send some info or even reply back to this post for friendly chat. I see things as if you done so much to succeed i could too.

Huhu - Nathan Raukawa

PS: I never really did say thank you properly for the jackets in 2002 but unfortunately my one was stolen and never recovered but thank you very much anyway.

Anonymous said...

sorry forgot to leave my email.
Nathan Raukawa