Thursday, April 7, 2011

Etching Inspiration

Michael Mayell, entrepreneur and founder of New Zealand icon "Cookie Time" recently sent me a great story (Michael is a top guy full of enthusiasm and enterprise. Experience one of New Zealand’s most loved brands and Michael himself on your screen here).

The story brings the “Nothing is Impossible” founding spirit of Saatchi & Saatchi into focus, super-miniature focus.

The motto has long been engraved in the steps of Saatchi & Saatchi’s founding Charlotte Street office in London, thanks to Maurice and Lord Charles Saatchi. Enter “the world’s smallest engraver” Graham Short, a man with hands of genius who thinks in microscopic extremes and swims at least 5,000 metres a day. This combination of thinking and swimming led to his idea to engrave “Nothing is Impossible” on a Wilkinson Sword razor blade, available to buy for £47,500.

Invisible to the eye, it took 400x magnification, late nights, 7 months and 150 attempts to create the world’s smallest engraving by human hand. This is a guy who has engraved the Lord’s Prayer on the head of a gold pin and the right to bear arms from the American Bill of Rights on the firing pin indentation of a silver bullet. For the world cup, Mr Short catalogued on a football stud all England’s goal scorers, from Wilf Mannion (1950) to Steven Gerrard. Another case of Nothing is Impossible.


Anonymous said...

This engraver is unbelievable. A talent in our world never seen before - or that will ever be equalled again. He deserves every recognition for his art.

Dr Jeremy Stanley, Hertfordshire

Philipe Dupont, Paris, Francais said...

On a razor blade? Magnifique!

Anonymous said...

A talent indeed.

Henrietta Bastedo, London NW1

Brian Harvey said...

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It just shows that nothing is impossible after all.

B. Harvey, Lancashire

Anonymous said...

Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

Peter Protheroe,

Anonymous said...

Where can we see this work of art? Is it in the Saatchi Gallery in London?

Michael Kelly, Surrey

Alison Dwyer said...

Just in response to Michael Kelly's comment as to where Graham Short's work is available to view, he's having his first exhibition starting 15th September at Clarendon Fine Arts, Dover Street London.