Thursday, March 31, 2011

Participation to Build a Nation

While in Africa the world’s eyes are focused on Libya, further down the continent South Sudan is working through the process of formally separating from North Sudan to become the world’s newest nation. After years of civil war there are still strong tensions between the two states, but it was great to discover how the South chose a song in readiness to celebrate its entry to the world.

The South Sudanese national anthem was selected through an X Factor style talent show in a baking hot concert hall, according to the BBC. The audience went crazy at the end of each anthem as different singers shared their heartfelt renditions of the nation’s struggle and triumph. In a spirit of hope entrants abandoned the military-style march of the existing Sudanese national anthem. The brief was for something serious. Everyone was passionate. People had tears in their eyes. The winning lyrics came from a group of no fewer than 49 poets.

Participation to build a nation. What a great foundation for a future.


Steve said...

Wonderful story Kevin, and you are correct... a great foundation for a future. In many ways, it probably isn't all that different to how many of today's wealthiest nations were founded. The roots of America and Canada were groups of people coming together to write consitutions and declarations that captured their hopes and aspirations for their nations. We didn't have X Factor back then though, unfortunately.

Red Bridge Studio said...

"Canterbury Can." I love that. My first trip to NZ was 10 years ago as part of a USA Rugby tour. I fell in love with the country. On my last trip in 2007, I visited the South Island for the first time and flew into Christchurch. The last day my Mom and I went to our first Tri-Nations match, All Blacks vs South Africa. It was wonderful!
Fond memories. I want to support through tourism and look forward to seeing first hand the rebuilding and response of the people of Christchurch.
-Tyshawn H.