Wednesday, February 9, 2011

To Taste

Sensuality, along with Mystery and Intimacy, is one of the three magic ingredients in a Lovemark. Sight, scent, hearing, touch and taste are gateways to the emotions and a powerful means of connecting with the consumer. Each sense is profoundly complex, to a point where they defy description and easily slip from your grasp when you try to pin them down.

Such is the case with taste. The Big Think recently posted seven great interviews digging deep into our sense of taste, both in terms of what happens in your mouth when you eat and in the sense of personal preference. There are some great explanations of taste, but perhaps more evocative of this sense are the Teflon-coated questions posed by the experts being interviewed, including a biologist, a chef, a perfumer, an interior designer, a film maker and a fashion guru. Here are seven wonderfully elusive taste teasers:
  1. Why is it easier to imagine what a lemon tastes like than to imagine what it smells like?
  2. Can you name the five taste sensitivities? (Sweet, sour, salt…)
  3. What’s an acquired taste, and why do you acquire it?
  4. What’s the difference between taste and flavor?
  5. Why doesn’t food taste good when you’ve got a cold?
  6. What is “good taste”?
  7. Do you need to know what good taste is to dress in bad taste?