Monday, February 7, 2011

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is seriously ill. He had surgical treatment for pancreatic cancer six years ago and last year had a liver transplant. He has recently announced he is taking leave again to fight some new complications from the cancer.

For the time being he will continue as Apple’s CEO.

He’s been one of the heroes of our age because like another hero of mine, Wayne Gretzky, he’s never bothered about where the puck was or where it is but he’s intuitively known where it’s going. (In his case, the puck was people.) He’s changed our lives.

But Apple is more than a one-man band. Jonathan Ives is a wonderful designer, Scott Forstall is a great software guy and Phil Schiller is a top marketer. TBWA Chiat Day are great advertising partners and Tim Cook is the most effective, underrated COO out there.

I’m sure all of us are hoping for a miracle and that Steve heals and can return.

I think though that the time is right for him to pass over the reigns formally to Tim Cook who ran the place through Steve’s previous two absences. If I were the Apple board, I’d encourage Steve to make the call and become Creative Chairman, and promote Tim to CEO. This would provide certainty, security and safety for employees, customers and shareholders.

Whatever happens, get well soon, Steve.


Fernando Ramo said...

Wish him well from cucufate !!

Kempton said...

Hi Kevin,

On today (Aug 24, 2011), as Steve Jobs resigned as Apple CEO, I remember what you wrote in this entry.

While I feel very sad that Steve's health probably has probably worsten enough for him to resign, I am also thinking practically that may be he shouldn't stay as Chairman of Apple's Board.

Your idea of Creative Chairman is much more appropriate.

J said...


Steve Jobs
It is with great sadness that I've heard that Steve Jobs has died of cancer. There are very few great innovators out there any more and Steve was one these. I'm looking at my Apple Shuffle and wondering how the heck they managed to develop such a tiny listening device. This guy brought the childhood dreams of millions of people to reality-he made science fiction into fact.

Hopefully your giving the angels lots of new ideas up there

God Bless You