Tuesday, February 22, 2011


My heart goes out to the people of Christchurch in my homeland of New Zealand. For the second time in six months they have been struck by a devastating earthquake – the one yesterday closer to the surface, right in the center of the city, deadly and massively destructive. There are many shades to Christchurch – more quintessentially English than England; a gritty working class underlay; an innovative university and business city; the best provincial rugby team in the world; gateway to the wonderful South Island. Hold fast to those memories; shock and sadness prevail. There is nothing to do today except bow our heads and hope and pray and send our love.


Nathan Westgate said...

Just wanted to reinforce your thoughts Kevin. We have family in Christchurch (who are fine thankfully) and it's a very disturbing time. I've been sceptical about Facebook previously, but it served a 'higher purpose' lately as we awaited news of their safety in the age of now...

John C. said...


As an ex-pat Cantabrian & former rugby player whose sister and familes have been forced to evacuate from Sumner, on behalf of all Cantabs thank you heaps for the eloquence and empathy of your post.

Elle Fagan said...

Yes, Kevin Roberts! Certainly add to my prayers!

Also: send some this way, too! Here in Connecticut USA the snow broke records from 1905 and we had death and multiple building collapses from snow that froze and then took more snow and could not be cleaned but gained in major destructive weight.

WE'd been complaining of "too warm" winters, and "boy , where is good old-fashioned New England snowstorm?".....I guess there won't be much comment along those lines for some time to come.

And the cost to our municipalities to clean it up! Yipes!

God bless ALLL of us, at this challenging time!

I found this to help:

"It is the highest duty of the soul to be of good cheer!" Ralph Waldo Emerson