Wednesday, January 26, 2011


10 hours at the Hospital for Special Surgery today. Dr. Altchek, Keith Williamson and their team performed at peak.

Left knee all back in place. Crutches, knee brace and rehab is the order of the day. 12 weeks to go. Hard work ahead, starting tomorrow. Can't wait!

Thanks for all the positive support I've received.

Image source: David Mayman MD


Sarah said...

Wow Kevin! Sorry to hear about the knee injury but it sounds as though you were in terrific hands today. Speedy recovery! Sarah

Joy said...

Be well! Hope the healing goes smoothly :)

Martin Sandén said...

Hope you feel better after surgery! Good luck with rehab, Nothing is impossible.

Martin, a daily reader of your blog from Stockholm, Sweden

Susan P. said...

I need to ask about that medical team! I need more extensive surgery near end of year and I long for the doctor of my dreams! Glad it appears to have worked well for you.

Richard Cross said...

What a wonderful recovery you appear to have made. Good luck with the rehab and the next 12 weeks. I always like how the athletes confront injury and come back stronger. Will you be watching Murray on Sunday?