Monday, January 24, 2011

Knees Up

This week I was due in Milan and Amsterdam to give speeches. Instead I will be spending several hours at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York.

I injured my knee over the New Year. On Martin Luther King Day I was subjected to a sonogram and an MRI both of which I hoped would tell me I had a sprain and dislocation which would heal with physical therapy. No such luck. I have torn my ACL (a favorite of Premier League Footballers), torn the lateral meniscus, the medial meniscus (a favorite of skiers), and sprained the MCL ... by playing tennis ... which is not even a contact sport.

Thanks to my NY trainer Dan Harvey’s connections, he was able to get me scheduled to see the Chief of Sports Medicine at the Hospital, a terrific surgeon called David Altchek. He handles the shoulders, elbows and knees of the New York Mets and the US Davis Cup team, so this was a piece of cake for him. The surgery will be followed by crutches, a full leg brace and rehab. Yuk.

Over the past week since the diagnosis the trick has been to get the leg as strong as possible before the operation and to keep the spirit optimistic, focused and moving forward.

This kind of injury certainly makes you feel for professional athletes when they are laid up. I can function and hopefully work close to max potential to keep me occupied. They can’t. Keep well Ali Williams!

I’m grounded until the stitches come out February 3. So I’ll try to use this time positively as we all look forward to a new year.



Galfromdownunder said...

Sorry to read about your knee. (and you're the second person to do this in the last two weeks who I know of). You can compromise it one fell swoop with a pair of skis or do it slowly over time - as I did riding a bicycle for a living (but alas, not like Lance). I too, visited a top knee guru - Andy Pruitt, who took care of the US Olympic team. My knees have no pain - they just make a disturbing sound like walking on granola when I go downstairs. Meaning, I can never sneak up on anyone in a sunken lounge or burgle a house.
Here's the full kneedown on my Pruitt consult in a three-part video.
Since you're grounded you might find it interesting surfing on a bitterly cold evening.
Rest up! The worst thing cyclists do be impulsive and not give the injury sufficient time to heal...

Positive Leadership said...

Are you sure about crutches? My daughter was rehabbed from similar op (carried out by Scotland's top sports medicine surgeon) by an ex Scotland rugby and British Lions physio - she is a Curtis Cup golfer and on the Stanford womens golf team. She had the knee moving within a few hours of surgery and was never on crutches. It was a perfect recovery! Good luck>

Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you. Ruptured my ACL skiing on Christmas and having my surgery tomorrow at NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases. I tried to get into Alchek as he did my friend's knees (3x) but he didn't take my insurance. I love my guy so it's all good. I'm an avid tennis player which is my main reason for doing it. I can't believe the damage you did playing tennis. Good luck! Jane Turkewitz

Kevin Roberts said...

Grateful for the positive support ... I’m considering

a) Moving to Scotland for the op


b) Hiring your daughter to take my place.

Thanks for taking the time for the rev up. KR.

Grant said...

All the best Kevin

It could be worse ... at the tender age of 58 I ruptured my Achilles 3 months ago playing soccer, and followed that up 3 weeks ago with a 3 cm stent! I'm feeling great now, and all paid for by New Zealand's excellent comprehensive health care system - didn't even have to use health insurance, it's quicker and better in the public system!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the recovery. Think you would be better off in the soothing waters of Rotorua than having a wee dram in the glens.
You definitely didn't muck around with that injury. But it was only the one knee so in a way it was a half measure. May need to refine your inner game of tennis before hitting the court again. You just get to view things from a different angle. Am sure you will be match fit and available for selection for the Rugby World Cup.

Anonymous said...

You're all the time in so many places simultaneously, spewing ideas like a volcano does lava. Dizziying and dazzling. Even a broken knee fails to stem the flow of new creative gems. Bon chance and get well quick.