Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Monocle Store Next Door

Readers of this blog know that Tyler Brûlé’s stellar publication Monocle is one of my all-time Lovemarks. I wrote a while back about the enormously sensible strategy of a magazine extending its brand directly into retail when Monocle opened its London retail shop. Well, I’m pleased to report about the Monocle storefront that recently opened in Manhattan’s West Village, just down Hudson Street (at Charles St.) from the New York offices of Saatchi & Saatchi.

The 188-square foot shop somehow captures the same excitement about design, luxury goods, ideas and commerce that makes the magazine such a stimulating read. What’s most surprising is that it provokes this energy with only a small number of hand-picked items, including finely crafted stationary, furniture and toys. Despite this, you’ll never know what will delight you when you wander in. Their understated, sophisticated taste in products always hits home for me. Glad to have Monocle in the neighborhood!


Susan P. said...

My son and partner are on holiday in the US and will spend a few days in NY early October. I will point them at this store! You should meet up Kevin, my son has quite a decent knowledge of music you and YOUR son are involved in.

Kevin said...

Hi Kevin

Great post. I also think Monocle is great. They don't seem to have a social media presence though which I think would further extend the reach of the brand and give Monocle's community a place to interact.

More than this it would give Monocle great free back from it's community allowing Monocle to improve it's offering further. Do you think they need social media? I would be interested to hear your thoughts.


Susan Plunkett (Australia) said...

Hello Kevin, If I may given this is my field? There are some wonderful social media mechanisms now that provide intriguing and creative engagement between business and clients/consumers and I think if the Monocle client/fan base is asking for a presence - it should be provided.

This said, I never advocate blanket employment of media and I believe choices should be made for clear reasons.

In looking through the Monocle site, I'd perhaps recommend a digital presence via iPad with a great connection and linkage to FB and Twitter so that the fan base can make recommendations to each other and so on.

There is a lot of room in social media for upper end boutique or luxury/designer businesses and yet many are reluctant to enter. I suggest they do, but make the space theirs in terms of selecting media and approaches that make brand sense and enhance brand engagement positively.

You're right about the client base offering great insights via social media. Quite often those folks will inform you of new perspectives entirely and that can be great fun at times. :)

(Susan Plunkett Australia on LinkedIn. If you'd care to connect on this topic be my guest)