Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Great Plate

I recently came across the work of Fernando Ramo Beltran, a talented industrial engineer who specializes in creating dishes. Not plates of food, mind you, but rather actual table wear, like bowls, plates and saucers. His creations are nothing less than functional works of art. They use a variety of shapes, sizes and textures to create objects that are just as sensuous as the haute cuisine that so often sits atop them.

I love it when a passionate individual is able to change the way I perceive everyday objects that, normally, I don’t even notice. That’s exactly what Fernando does with his dishes. Take a look at his blog, and I’m certain that you’ll never look at a soup bowl or a dessert dish the same way again.

Fernando has an extensive background working with everything from automobile bodies to furniture. He draws on this experience to create objects that are surprising, provocative and inspirational. Who knew a plate could bring so much pleasure!