Thursday, June 10, 2010

In Praise of the iPad

Well, I’m a couple of weeks in now and have been traveling through Mexico, Brazil and Argentina speaking to lots of ambitious young managers who are keen to go out there and make a difference. One day in Mexico City saw four major speeches to around 2,000 people including a great session at the Anáhuac University where it was great to see so much enthusiasm and energy from Mexico’s new generation.

During all this travel I was suffering from a bulging disc in my back and was trying to avoid, therefore, carrying my normal 12 kilos of files, books, etc. The iPad became my sole recreational vehicle and I have been completely captured (and captivated). It is absolutely clear to me where the iPad fits in my repertoire. It is a FF – fun and family. The only contacts I have stored are family contacts. The only emails I send and receive are from family. I read the NZ Herald and the UK Times every day on the iPad and have downloaded all my favorite Quentin Tarantino, Steve McQueen, and Sergio Leone movies. I’ve added great concert performances from The Boss, Cher, Bob Dylan, and Leonard Cohen and have got around 4,000 tracks transferred from my own iPod. The touch screen is a delight; the graphics are sensational and it’s become a road warrior’s favorite. Fun and Family!


OZECHAD said...

Kevin, interesting you came to the Family & Fun conclusion as there are many in the corporate world including me who see another picture - specifically this magical slate being the vanguard or an exciting new window into the big end of town - the iPad at the enterprise level!

Think - one App click - "voila" and you're now securely logged into the corporation's managed IT, backend with access to HR, enterprise solutions etc etc. No support, no training it all works just like it should!

I predict within the next 6 months the iPad could be a real game changer within corporations as the managed PC integration approach - security, training, service and support just got easy - replaced with a hi touch device, that's affordable, simple to use oh yeah and it's all about Fun and Family as well.

You predicted it and coined the phrase.
Work - Life Integration (not balance)

Welcome to - The Connected Life!


Richard said...

Kevin, discussing the iPad to anyone in the business world, you will come to another conclusion, a "work tool." Like the Blackberry for new business professionals, the iPad will position itself to be an industry leader in several businesses. IPad is a BIG buzz in the Retail Fashion world and it will change "the way you shop" online and in the retail stores. Adding functionalities and capabilities beyond the imagination. See: Adage article: IPad Poised to Revolutionize Retail Industry -

Talk soon,