Thursday, May 27, 2010

iPad - Fad or Future

How do you post your highest ever non-holiday quarterly result, with revenues up by half and profits up by 90 percent in tough times? Answer: By being Apple, who today surpassed Microsoft as the world’s leading technology company (measured by market cap).

The company’s second quarter result was staggering. Mac sales were up a third. iPhone unit growth was over 130%. iPod sales were stable. What can you say except what everyone already knows? Apple has love in the bank.

How does a single-tasking no-flash game safari crack (or get close to cracking) the tablet PC? Same answer: You’re Apple. No one pipes delivery or pumps immersion like Apple. iPad nothing new? Not relevant, it’s irresistible.

Steve Jobs keeps giving us what we don’t know we want. As an innovative take on the personal computer, the iPad is brilliant. It’s smooth, beautiful, functional, intimate and inviting. The interface is slick and intuitive, and I’m a fan of different types of touch (touch-and-hold does cool new things on iPad) to interact with content.

Is the iPad a Fad or is it a Lovemark? I’m in love. Some reviews are using words like ‘visceral’ and ‘sensual’. Others say it’s just a big iPhone, and not revolutionary. The people will decide, and revolution is in the air.


John Fleming said...

Future, future, future!!!

Not sure if Apple, Google or others win the game, but table stakes have definitely changed

WILLIAM said...

I love the use (choice?) of all "I" words in this posting.

Jonny Dade said...

It's nothing more than a novelty, and like all things fun and different, the magic wears away. Once users realise that they still need their desktop PC's/laptops to do basic tasks like, word processing, and browsing the web and listening to music at the same time (iPad can't multitask) they'll soon remember a life were books were made out of paper, and not everything had an apple logo on it that makes you feel rich and pompous when your on the train surrounded by the peasants with their no brand mp3 players.