Thursday, May 6, 2010


When I first saw the media promotion behind the (then) upcoming release of the iPad, I thought to myself and in fact publicly stated," what’s the the big deal, it's just a giant iPhone without a phone." I posted on the wonderful video of Steve Jobs saying “amazing, superlative, incredible” 178 times. Then on a recent flight to London (post the “Eyjafjallajokull Effect”) the gentleman next to me let me play with his iPad, and I was instantly converted. I've got the 3G version. And Ro, Ben, Bex, Danis, Nikki and Trudy are all iPadded up. Aside from its unmistakable beauty, the iPad is extremely functional, with fun being the operative word, work becomes play. The iPad is just a giant iPhone without a phone and that's the best part about it, the iPhone is too small to be able to appreciate all that it can offer. On my wish list for next version: listening to Pandora while surfing the web. Let the games begin!


Neil Kay-Jones said...

Hi Kevin,

I totally agree that people who think the iPad is not for them should at least try it before they give it up. I really want to get one for my wife, who requires just the features of the iPad and not a full laptop or net book as that would just defeat the point and become a hassle for her. The one true problem i have which there may be a solution, no idea yet, is that it can not natively print direct to her photo printer which means with one nearly 4 year old active boy and another baby due in August is a big thing for her.

Just doing a quick search though has brought up this so you may want to give it a go should you need to print: As i say not tried it but it looks like this is the only true way to print from the iPad.

Other than that, the iPad is truly what apple is all about and why it is one of my lovemarks!

Regards, Neil

Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin, it sounds absolutely fabulous what a turn around from the Apple of the 90's...however could you ask them to row a little faster as us poor brits on this side of the pond can't even see the cargo ship with binoculars...

Kempton said...

Hi Kevin,

Good to hear you and your family are all iPadded up and are having fun with it.

iPad will come to Canada later this month. At the moment, I am still quite hung up on the fact that Apple is aiming for total control in what apps can be put up in the App store and its fight (I say anti-competitive fight) with Adobe.

Comments by Boing Boing's Cory Doctorow makes a ton of sense to me. So I will likely not get an iPad anytime soon.

Stuart said...

Hi Kevin,

It's too simple to suggest that it's a giant iPhone. The iPad introduces too many new use cases to see them as anything other than complementary and serving different purposes.

The creative opportunities for it are enormous as are the educational opportunities etc. It's exciting. Yes it's still expensive and yet in your hands you have a device that changes the way the emerging world is likely to come to computing. Even the illiterate can make use of an iPad.

It's going to challenge the incumbents in all sorts of new ways. I wrote this comment elsewhere the other day. Broader conversation to the same point and trying to push some different thinking.

"The iPad is essentially an iPod touch with a large screen."

Nope! The iPodTouch may well be renamed the iPadMini or iPadPocket at some future point.

Some of the discussion today has made me really consider what will drive the next wave of innovation. Your POV appears to believe that the iPhone drives iPad innovation. Having used an iPad since launch I'd consider questioning this belief.

There are many potential reasons the iPad may now start driving iPhone innovation. One it is more suited to more powerful business apps and in fact almost any sort of app. They are going to be developed rapidly, have a higher natural price point than iPhone apps command and will thus be downsized.

So for an example. Where's the pico projector innovation about two years out? Could iPhone6.0 have it embedded... less for consumption of video but more for input? Eg upsized projected touch etc? Virtualized keyboard.

The reality is "touch" is synergistic and as it rolls out across all apple product (I'm yet to meet an iPad user that hasn't also thought.... iPadPro with OSX.) we're going to see both iPad and iPhone creating new forms of value.

The fact is... they aren't the same. I can't put the iPad in my pocket. I never ever grabbed my laptop to read the paper in the morning although I'd been doing that on my iPhone for about a year. Now I just grab the iPad. I still work on my Mac ---- my guess is iPhone use has declined certainly in home use.. for that reading task. My iPad is also stealing hours away from my Mac too. It's also added new hours mostly at the expense of the old TV.

Could I live without it today? Yes. Will my future be without it. No. My laptop is going the way of the desktop.

I'd plan for a 1/2 size iPad and a 11-13inch iPadPro before looking for cheaper iPhones. I'd use an iPadPro to test the dual operating system. Eg iPhone mode or OSX mode. Every PC manufacturer must plan or consider that Apple will be all touch within 24 months. It's like moving from rear wheel drive to front wheel drive. Do you want your products to simply look obsolete?

The nuances in touch and gestures is not the same as a point and click world. Having two screen sizes now where no-one else has one that matches the experience provides another competitive advantage.


BTW you can now jailbreak your iPad with Spirit and Pandora works quite nicely in the background. Still learning about battery life impact.


Iconic88 said...

Thanks for the post Kevin.

We look forward to playing with the iPad here in Sydney. From what I've read, Apple has done an extraordinary job in not creating a new piece of hardware but a distribution platform for digital content as you've alluded to in this post.

It's bigger than a phone, kindle and the like yet lighter than a laptop. This provides tremendous value for many as it becomes the heavy lifter for content providers globally in a weightless world.

The mind boggles at the possibilities.

Thank you.

beautiful girls said...

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Sharon Simms said...

Exactly the same situation I had. From the advertising I'd decided not to buy an iPad, but after playing with a colleague's iPad I was sold and bought one. What a fun tool!