Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hudson & Houston

Anyone coming to Saatchi & Saatchi New York’s office by cab will usually say “Hudson and Houston” to the driver. Things are certainly on the boil there.

Firstly, a new blog that’s unlike any blog you’ve seen before, certainly on the top interface level. It’s called (what else!) www.hudsonhouston.com and it’s surprising, tangential, fun to cruise.

My favorite post so far is a speech given by James Orsini, EVP and Director of Finance, to a disability forum held by the New York Times. In it there is a great reference about actor Christopher Reeve and his book “Nothing Is Impossible”. I was lucky enough to meet Christopher a few times following his accident and he was an amazing inspiration to all of us. A visit to the NY agency resulted in a standing ovation. He was gracious enough to film a video introducing me to the audience when I was honoured to receive NY's Citizen of the Year Award in 2004. James also told a motivating story about Saatchi & Saatchi New York senior copywriter Ken Opalsky, who has a thriving life on wheels. You should see how he gets about in his customised car. Amazing!

Second, check out New York’s first 7X7 presented by Saatchi & Saatchi New York. Great recipe – seven presenters, seven minutes each; a sort of cross between theatersports, a town hall meeting and a 21st century variety show. The line-up for the May 5 event (at Hudson/Houston) is eclectic. Get your head around this:

  • St Joseph’s Elementary School band from the Bronx
  • TED curator Chris Anderson
  • Howard Chua-Eoan, News Editor of TIME
  • Jeff Reichert, director of Gerrymandering
  • Marc Schiller, culture jammer and street artist
  • Liz Arana, head chef of Alexandra in Hudson St
  • Maurice Ashley, International Grandmaster of chess