Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spotify Me Up

Creativity is a precious resource, and as is the way with the human race, when we go to the well and always expect to come back with water. The muse, the creative spirit is essential in my business, but the real celebration is the way that creative thinking infuses every manifestation of our existence. There’s always another way to do something, another way to look at the world, something that never occurred to you. It’s in everything – architecture, advertising, city planning, candle making, education, and of course music.

Creativity thrives in positive environments, with warmth, support and appreciation. At Saatchi & Saatchi we build our creative people an elastic-sided sandbox, pose them a simple killer problem, give them zero time to solve it, and get the hell out of their way! When they’ve done something amazing, we let them know.

Firstly what’s important is that we do give them the sandbox. Spotify, the music streaming service that has been such a hit in its free and increasingly in its paid for and mobile models, has done a great job from inception to massive popularity. Recent news suggests that has been achieved without the resource that allows songwriters their daily bread – royalties – trickling back to the writers. One report says that Lady Gaga’s huge hit Poker Face, played 1 million times on the site over 5 months, translated into a payment of $167.

Songwriters should be in love with Spotify, a quality platform for their music, older songwriters find their songs are available again, and the world has a great music resource. Spotify need to make a new sandbox – and fill it up with songwriter’s love, the same love its listeners share for the service. Spotify understand creativity, I’m backing them to find a way.