Monday, April 19, 2010

From Crocs to Chanel: April Lovemarks Lineup

Here’s a taster of some of the conversations taking place at over the past few weeks…

“I am totally in love with Crocs shoes and sandals. They are very light, and have a soft texture. Crocs do not hurt your feet even if you walk over long distances and are really easy to clean. I don’t care that people say they don’t look good, for me, Crocs are the best. I will always use Crocs whenever and wherever I go.” Jee

“What can I say about my beloved? She is with me always, never says no, always obliging, ready to get me out of any difficult situation, pretty as a picture. How do I love the my Pinkie iPhone? Life is truly Star Trek like with an iPhone, you feel as if anything is possible any time! Yes I have now an iphone widow in my partner, but then again, I was the widow when she got her Touch a few years ago, snap! Waxing lyrical.” Lisa

“A groundbreaking publication showcasing the urban, edgy style of the international worlds of freerunning and parkour. Slick photography and bang up to the minute engaging copy. A highly creative publication.” Dominique

“Well, I love to drink coffee. In Indonesia, Starbucks' price is quite expensive than others but the atmosphere makes you want to come over and over again. Let's say we purchase the atmosphere, not just the coffee. Besides, the coffee tastes good. Starbucks is the perfect place to hang out with friends, get a latte and do nothing, kill time or de-stress from a deadline. And it's not hard to find Starbucks. I love it. So where do I get a latte? Starbucks!” Audrey.

“Chanel is all about women and classical elegance. The classic lambskin Chanel bag is everlasting.” Abdurakhir