Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oh Canada

I lived in Canada for a couple of years in the late 80’s running Pepsi-Cola. During that time my eldest son Ben became a Toronto Maple Leafs ice hockey fan and we all got quite caught up in Canada’s national sport. I watched the epic Winter Olympic final between the USA and Canada on February 28 – a fantastic game between the two top hockey nations and, of course, the two closest rivals.

What a game it was. Canada two nil up, then two – one, then the USA equalized with 15 seconds to go. Extra time in hockey is very sensible. They clear the ice, dropping 6 players to 5 and it’s sudden death. Sporting tension of the highest degree. Canada edged it and the 20,000 crowd in Vancouver went wild. The pride of the small nation winning against its much more powerful neighbor is one of the great experiences and stories of life. This was sporting theater at its best with the good natured Canadian crowd belting out “Oh Canada” making the rooftop rise. Let’s hope this is a precedent for New Zealand with the All Blacks in 2011.