Thursday, March 18, 2010

How To Make A Lovemark

Here’s a story from the irresistible gelato entrepreneur Gianpaolo Grazioli whose store I blogged about last year. The setting is Omaha New Zealand, chief character is a banker turned organic blueberry farmer, the shoot features low-flying indoor bird strikes – and then back to Giapo’s place in Auckland for a magic mix into the ice-cream machine. Way to make Lovemarks, Gianpaolo!

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tomas said...

I know Gianpaolo. We work together in the project last year. Many ideas and love for gelato. And the shop is so nice! Gian teach me a lot of you and your work Kevin. It's a pleasure to see a post of it in your blog.
By the way... me and Bilie made the draws of the characters.