Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Global Well of Lovemarks

Dipping into this week’s well of Lovemarks stories from around the world…

“This Japanese fashion brand is fast becoming a social phenomenon amongst youth...driving preference for it in fashion stores despite it being on the pricey side. The designs are edgy, relate to the world of youth, and new designs quickly hop onto the bloggosphere of fans.” Junktuner

Tarina Tarantino
“I was in LA with a friend who lives there and it was her 30th birthday. We went along that main drag with all the stores, buying something cute from each to mark her day. When we came to Tarina Tarantino, we wanted everything. It was cute and girly yet you know it would be with you forever. It is a juxtaposition in style and I love it.” WooTime

Bobbi Brown
“I love all the products! The texture of the bronze, eye shadow, lipstick, and everything is perfect. The result is also satisfying. The packaging of each products are elegant and nothing can compares to this brand. Love Bobbi Brown so much! Especially the brush, the small brush, the shape is perfect and unique, nothing can produce a brush like Bobbi Brown." Tesa

My Name Is Khan
"It's a journey of a simple man trying to prove a point, that we all are classified according to our deeds not according to nationality, color or most importantly Religion. A journey motivated and achieved by love. This movie carries lots of emotions, lots of messages, that it's difficult to watch through it without becoming emotionally attached with it. Shahrukh proves that he is a top scale actor not only in India but worldwide. This movie is a classic that would come down in history for everyone involved in it, and I'm proud to say that I lived and saw this movie." Noha

"Tweet, Tweet! Most convenient and fastest way to communicate in real time. Following your favourite and getting advanced information in 140 characters make your life easy. Twitter is an online reference tool for me. Love it." Unnikrishna