Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fighting The Bottle

Binge drinking is a problem which can have devastating results, and it seems to take particular hold in cold dark climates. The Scottish Government has proposed the radical step of a minimum price per unit, which would make it the first country in Europe to take this step.

On the communications side, AdAge reports on a recent Kellogg study of the impact of public-service ads relying on “self-conscious” emotions like guilt and shame to change habits. Messages of this kind were instinctively resisted and even led to more drinking.

Social advertising is about the power of a simple but unexpected idea to connect in a sea of clutter. It is not about using shock tactics for the sake of shock, but – studies recommending positivity notwithstanding – I believe there are times when it takes a serious jolt to make people think and act, and I do mean “serious”. Here’s a different and surprisingly obvious approach, this one for drink driving in Germany.


Nanhsirkalab Jonam said...

Well, first the game is challenging the drunken person to show that he has control, and if he fails, the game is challenging him by saying he can not control his driving! The assumption that the decision taken at such a moment will be rational is irrational!

Julie said...

I would suspect that catching guys when their flies are undone to show them consequences of drinking, is a pretty good way to re-enforce vulnerability.