Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Coulson Macleod - A Simple Little Love Story

A few weeks ago, I discovered Coulson Macleod, an art business making waves from Kettering, Northamptonshire. It’s the creation of Mark Coulson and Hannah Macleod, a couple who share a striking design aesthetic, radically positive ambition, and, most importantly, love.

I’ve bought several of their pieces, which are all hand-finished in limited editions. The works in the Love Collection are favorites of mine – bold typographic designs featuring declarations of feeling and famous romantic lines from classic movies. Other collections celebrate the pop culture of decades past, the icons of music history and the spirit of Cool Britannia – all topics close to the heart.

After I sent the team a note of encouragement, Hannah Macleod shared the company’s “simple little love story” with me. It’s also a story of smart, down-to-earth entrepreneurship. After falling in love, the couple began working together. Wanting new art for their home, but not able to afford high-end prices, they decided to design their own rather than deign to buy mass-produced prints, and thus Coulson Macleod was born.

Starting small in March 2009, Hannah and Mark didn’t have big dollars for promotion, but built their own website and showcased their designs online. The work spoke for itself, and with growing sales they could soon begin advertising in top interiors magazines. Now, Coulson Macleod fields orders from all over the world, and tracks the buzz on their blog. Brides-to-be have contacted them to ask if they can read out the quote from the “What Is Love?” piece at their wedding – a special request as this was written by Mark.

As Hannah described it to me, the company is “built on love and driven by passion”. The world needs more entrepreneurs like this. Here’s to spreading the Love.

Coulson Macleod – Love Makes The Ride Worthwhile