Monday, January 18, 2010

People At

Over the holidays some interesting nominations rolled into that show the breadth of the embrace consumers have put around Lovemarks. We’re approaching 20,000 Lovemark stories on the site, two of the latest featured people in the news, one a founder of an amazing company who is wrestling somewhat with his personal profile in relation to that of his company, the other an actress recently departed.

Mignonne Wright, publisher of Memphis-based Chicken Soup for the Soul Magazine (and like me a John Prine fanatic!), has nominated John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods, as “holding a mirror up to the world and helping to right the wrongs that have led us down a destructive economic path. He has coined (and trademarked) the phrase Conscious Capitalism. He is right in promoting the idea that businesses who care about more than the bottom line, who believe in making a positive difference in the world, will inevitably be better off for it. Read about him, learn from him! The best candidate for a Lovemark!”

And Anita de Las Moses added Jennifer Jones, who died recently at the age of ninety. “She was impossibly beautiful and a consummate actress. Her cinematic portrayals are legendary. "The Song of Bernadette" still stands the test of time as does "Love is a Many Splendored Thing" and "Tender is the Night". To everything she did, elegant Jennifer Jones brought a delicacy and sensitivity rarely seen by other actresses. On screen she haunted the cinegoer with her presence and the hypocritical ability to exemplify the apotheosis of what vulnerability and life's heroic losses are. Jennifer Jones was a lovemark for the wounded love she willingly portrayed so definitively. God has summoned back to choirs of angels one of his most beautiful. Jennifer Jones, may you rest in peace for the morning stars sing together there in your presence.”


My Goat is Missing said...

This comment relates to an earlier post (2010: Nothing Is Impossible).
I'm commenting here because, unlike me, you probably look forward, rather than back and I've just read that post.
Last year I achieved nothing, so for me, nothing is perfectly possible.
And as for making things happen, I've often been accused of possessing a fear of failure which is again wrong.
I've embraced it all my life!
Hopefully your blogs will rub off on me.

Tina Harris-Pampouneau said...

with all due respect, i beg to differ for the first time! whole foods itself is not conscious capitalism. it is smashing marketing.
a 'health food' supermarket chain where a small percentage is actually organic & a large percentage has such fabulous packaging that you forget to check. in the massive kensington w.f. (UK) - which talks about local sourcing, taking care of the earth in brilliantly written panels all over the shop - most produce has been flown in from far away and "conventional" (though it costs a lot), most bulk food is non-organic, blah blah. and i do mean most. as opposed to planet organic. same in the LA w.f. stores. as opposed to erewhon. capitalism, yes. conscious? not in the way i use the word.